• Absolutely no wooden wedges
  • Window’s edge protection
  • Installing window in the opening: quick, easy, and precise

  • Instant installation of Quick Holder spreader in the window frame
  • Making the frame level and plumb to the wall face
  • Vertical alignment, easy correction and final installation


The new window installation system consists in eliminating wooden wedges and replacing them with “Quick Holder” spreaders. 

The spreaders are made of a synthetic material having excellent strength and resilience. Each Quick Holder is designed for instant installation in the window frame, using protrusions that jut out from its body. The body and moving clamp connected to the anchor have inclined surfaces, between which there is an expanding wedge.

When the M5 lead screw is tightened, the wedge pushes the moving clamp, increasing the width of the spreader. Such a solution eliminates forces perpendicular to the window surface. A frame with Quick Holder spreaders is placed in the window opening, and by appropriate tightening of M5 screws, the window frame is properly fixed in the right position. Then the gaps are filled with polyurethane sealant. If the adjustment range is insufficient, it is possible to use a compensating strip included in the set. The strips can be added to get the right dimension.